Top Ten List New Classing & Cash Prizes

Top Ten List Season 3

In an effort to take our Top Ten List to new heights we’ve made changes by catering to our core demographic while still meeting the needs of our faster vehicles. The classes below separate our participants fairly while keeping the competitiveness we’ve always pushed for.

  • Class 1:Daily Driver Class– This class is for the majority of our racers that choose to compete in our Top Ten List Series. This class is designated for the vehicles that are driven regularly and have a trap speed equal to or less than 159mph from both our Dig and 40mph brackets.
  • Class 2: Ultimate King of the Streets (UKOTS) – This class is for the fastest of the fastest street cars that are purpose built for speed. This class is specifically dedicated to vehicles that have a trap speed greater than 160mph from both our Dig and 40mph brackets. This class has a capped MPH of 189mph for the 4omph roll class only.


Cash Prizes

Street Racing Made Safe has always wanted to give its supporters and participants more for attending our events and showing such support. We developed a method for us to give out more than $7,000 in cash prizes per event as follows.

  • Challengers will pay $50 to challenge and the cash will go completely towards the cash prizes
  • Members will have a $100 buy in which will also go completely towards the cash prizes
  • Street Racing Made Safe will supply over $3000 per event for cash prizes so even member #10 will get his $100 back and continue to compete in his/her class and bracket on the list.


  • When it is time for you to race, if your car cannot run, for whatever reason, you will be penalized one spot. You can ask for a 5min grace period to fix the issue. If it is fixed within that time frame, there will be no penalty.
  • All drivers on the list must be present during the championship event and cash prizes will not be awarded to members who are not in attendance of any events championship or series events