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Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS: Cars, Coffee, and Racing 10.14.18

Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Gerry Burke and Phillip Pratt Street Racing Made Safe’s 2nd Autocross event at AMR Motorplex in Homestead, Miami is exposing drivers to a whole new world of obsession. Street Racing Made Safe’s (SRMS) second Autocross event hosted at the AMR Motorplex in Homestead, Miami, Florida, right outside the legendary […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Mattia Conte’s 2005 Subaru STI

Street Racing Illustrated | Mattia Conte’s 2005 Subaru STI

Bred for speed Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Gerry Burke & Phillip Pratt A large percentage of our genetic makeup comes from our grandparents. They say on average about twenty-five percent from each. Height, moles, complexion, eye and hair color can skip an entire generation and land smack-dab on an unsuspecting grandchild. Sometimes you […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Kevin Zambrano | Clean Culture

Street Racing Illustrated | Clean Culture Ballpark Banger 2018

Clean Culture Ballpark Banger 2018 x Street Racing Illustrated Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Kevin Zambrano Clean Culture is no stranger to South Florida. They host two, sometimes three, shows down here every year. Even with their strong year-round presence and hordes of fans and crew members spamming the roads- it doesn’t change the […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Motegi Racing x Street Racing Made Safe

Motegi Racing and Street Racing Made Safe collab to make the Project Focus ST great again Story | Phillip Pratt Famed wheel manufacturer, Motegi Racing, and South Florida based automotive enthusiast event/race organizer, Street Racing Made Safe, have joined forces. Motegi Racing will be providing a slick set of 18×10 (+10 offset) MR400 2-Piece, wheels […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Unusual Suspect – Joshua Rodriguez’s Track-Bred CTS-V

Joshua Rodriguez’s ferocious 2009 Cadillac CTS-V Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Gerry Burke & Phillip Pratt The name Cadillac denotes visions of old-school American luxury. It’s the car that an entire generation of working-class Americans strove to afford. The prize that’s bought at the end of a long career, or after a big raise. It’s the […]

S2000 at SRMS' Cars, Coffee, and Racing

Street Racing Illustrated | Cars, Coffee, and Racing 08/12/2018

“Auto-Xing actually becomes more fun when it’s raining!”- Mario Ojito Story | Phillip Pratt   Street Racing Made Safe’s inaugural Car, Coffee, and Racing was everything that SRMS President, Mario Ojito, said it would be. Even a massive speed trap on the turnpike and forty-five-minute downpour couldn’t stop the meet and races. Despite the wetter circumstances […]

The Concours Club

Street Racing Illustrated | The Concours Club

Opalocka is now home to South Florida’s premier Auto-club? Story | Phillip Pratt I humbly introduce to you, The Concours Club. Home of South Florida’s luxury, private, driving experience. Nestled next to Opa Locka Executive Airport and equip with over 2-miles of rubber melting, smooth pavement, it’s the local speed track of our dreams… but […]

Street Racing Illustrated | 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

New Hellcat Redeye is a detuned Demon… Story | Phillip Pratt   The hits just keep on coming with this new generation of American muscle. Get ready to see even more Challengers at the track and on the street this coming winter season. And I’m not talking about those fools driving baseline models or R/Ts […]

The SRMS, Auto-X purpse-built, Project ST

Street Racing Illustrated | Behind the Wheel – Mario Ojito; Cars, Coffee, and Racing

SRMS is back like they never left with their Car Meet & Auto-Xing Event; Cars, Coffee, and Racing.   Story | Phillip Pratt Interviewer | Clifton Hernandez     Like a phoenix rising from the proverbial ashes, sometimes you have to let something die to build it back up stronger. Street Racing Made Safe came […]

Photo Courtesy of 4legend.com

Street Racing Illustrated | Lamborghini Museum: “Film Emotions”

Lamborghini Museum putting cars from classic movies on display Story | Phillip Pratt     Sant’Agata Bolognese, home to the Lamborghini Museum, will be hosting an event entitled “Film Emotions” through October 31st, 2018 at the aforementioned gallery. Not a hop, skip and a jump away for most people but if you’re able to make […]

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne 07.29.2018

Street Racing Illustrated | Car and Coffee Key Biscayne 07.29.2018

Cloudy weather made a chill meet, hot. Story | Phillip Pratt     Miami is known worldwide for its amazing beaches. When you take this aspect and apply to it something like a car meet, it becomes a potent mixture that’s hard to top. Because of this, CLRDHOT/ Street Racing Made Safe’ Cars and Coffee […]

2019 BMW M2 Competition

Street Racing Illustrated | 2019 BMW M2 Competition

The 2019 M2 packs a bigger punch utilizing a familiar heart. Story | Phillip Pratt     BMW isn’t just making Toyota Supra purest double over in pain, but the rest of the sport compact world as well with their addition of the upgraded 2019 BMW M2 Competition sport coupe. With 40HP and 37LB-FT more […]

Pagani Zonda R in Miami Condo

Street Racing Illustrated | Pagani Zonda R as a room divider

There is a Zond R in a condo. Story | Phillip Pratt     Yeah, someone installed a Pagani Zonda R into their 8-million dollar, 4200 sq-ft, Miami condo and that someone is Pablo Perez Companc (pperezc). This isn’t a home and garden page so we won’t go much further than that, but we will […]

Yenko/SC 2019 Corvette Concept

Street Racing Illustrated | Yenko/SC 1000HP 2019 Corvette

A 1000HP Yenk/SC Vette is coming for all you suckas’ Story | Phillip Pratt     Between all these SS’s, Hellcats, Demons and Shelby’s being more and more within the reach of everyday enthusiasts, it’s becoming hard to look at “Super” and “Hyper” cars and appreciate them for more than their name and exotic looks. […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Much ado about nothing – 2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition

2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition available in August Story | Phillip Pratt     Anyone that was hoping for something new in the 86 this year, like let’s say a factory turbocharged 4U-GSE; you’re in for an upset. It’s still ain’t in here and neither Toyota nor Subaru have announced plans to transplant the […]

Tiny sensor and Battery "married" to the tire with unique adhesive | Photo Courtesy of Pirelli Tires

Street Racing Illustrated | Pirelli develops the world’s first truly “smart” tire system.

Are you ready for a Pirelli “smart” tire? Story | Phillip Pratt     Everything seems to be connected to the net these days. TVs, air conditioners, cameras, even wrist watches and refrigerators. Cars, however, have been linking to the web for years, but now Pirelli Tires has taken this to the next level. Getting […]

Subaru WRX STI RA Sets Record in Romania | Photos Courtesy of Subaru

Street Racing Illustrated | Mark Higgins Breaks Record on the Transfăgărășan

Mark Higgins and Co-pilot Darren Garrod set Time Attack Record in Romania Story | Phillip Pratt     Mark Higgins and Co-pilot Darren Garrod set a new Time Attack record on the famous Transfăgărășan road course in Southern part of Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The road was originally built in the 1970s as a military route to […]

Toyota Supra A90 at Goodwood Toyota Supra A90 at Goodwood

Street Racing Illustrated | Toyota to offer 4-cylinder option in next Supra

A 2.0L turbocharged 4-Cylinder in a Supra? Story | Phillip Pratt     It was reported ages ago that Toyota’s next-generation Supra (or A90) will be powered by a BMW sourced, 335HP, inline six-cylinder, 3.0 liter, turbocharged engine (a modified version of its B58 powerplant). However, what you might not be aware of is that […]

McLaren 720S

Street Racing Illustrated | McLaren 720S totaled 24-hours after Purchase

$300,000 1-day old, McLaren 720S collides with tree en route to Katie’s Cars and Coffee in Great Falls Virginia. Story | Phillip Pratt     Cars and Coffee isn’t just a South Florida thing, it’s a worldwide event that happens pretty much in every large metropolitan area. The concept is simple enough; wake up early, wash your […]

Ricky's fully built-out FD

Street Racing Illustrated | Behind the Wheel with Ricky “Disruptive” Alduen

“Dream big and be disruptive. If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, you’ve already failed” – Forbes Interviewer | Clifton Hernandez Photos | Rafael Gabaldon     Passing judgment is easy. Look at something, and make your mind up about it. It’s human nature in many ways. What separates the small minded from those […]