Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne 07.29.2018

Street Racing Illustrated | Car and Coffee Key Biscayne 07.29.2018

Cloudy weather made a chill meet, hot.

Story | Phillip Pratt



Miami is known worldwide for its amazing beaches. When you take this aspect and apply to it something like a car meet, it becomes a potent mixture that’s hard to top. Because of this, CLRDHOT/ Street Racing Made Safe’ Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne rarely disappoints. However, there is a downside to being so close to the beach. The weather. Luckily, it held up long enough for the event to thrive while keeping the blazing Miami sun at bay. The event brought in a vastly diverse crowd of Domestics, Europeans, Japanese (both legal… not so much), Classics, Exotics, Rat-rods, and bikes. This is due to the crowds drawn in by both the likes of CLRDHOT Motorsports and Street Racing Made Safe. There really is nothing like spending a couple hours appreciating some fine automobiles and then heading into the city for lunch with the same breathtaking waterfront views… even when the storm finally rolls in and nature behaves as if the world is about to end.


Street Racing Made Safe 03.24.18

Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS in West Palm Beach on March 24th, 2018

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt & Gerry Burke


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | The always fast DentPros 911


On a perfect weather night where we saw the return of Rob and his thousand-plus horsepower Supra to Street Racing Made Safe, MPI’s GTR making a 195 MPH pass and Frustrate running something close to eight seconds in his AWD EG hatch; you’d think it was a night the racers and spectators won… but no. With well over 15 broken axels on both front wheel and rear wheel drive cars, the biggest winner was Palm Beach International Raceway’s freshly paved, professionally prepped (perhaps a bit over-prepped?) track. It conquered both the amateur and the experienced, built and daily-driven, leaving some to load up their trailers earlier or call for a tow truck. We all love the action, but racers, seriously… if you drove to the park from a great distance, perhaps it’s best not to dig in the car that got you there? Despite the spattering of hold-ups due to having to push crippled cars off the track, it was still a great night of power. While they weren’t able to get too much into the Dig List Top Ten, I think everyone in attendance did learn a valuable lesson; while building your racecar, don’t neglect your axels.


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | The MPI GTR before it made a 195MPH pass


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Daniel Frustrate lining up for a call-out on the Dig List


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Digs in high demand


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Cousins


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | The view most see of this car


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | MPI GTR sitting scary


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Perfect FWD burn-out. Think it broke too.


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Mustang warming up the rubber


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Beautiful weather


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Rob in the lanes alongside the MPI GTR


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Javi’s RSX


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Lanes were jam-packed


SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS 03.24.18 | Some of fastest Bikes in SoFlo

Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Street Racing Illustrated | We, the “unsavory” – TX2K18

Harris County officials attempt to sully the intentions of the annual TX2K racing festivities.

Story | Phillip Pratt


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Zachery Muddiman for TX2K and 1320 Video


Before we start, we’d like to set something straight about what we’re about here at Street Racing Illustrated and subsequently SRMS. We do not condone, promote, or try to justify, illegal street racing of any kind. Our primary focus is and always has been to journalize our culture in its many facets including the drivers, builders, tuners, cars, bikes and legit events where our talents and passion can be safely put on display.


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Zachery Muddiman for TX2K and 1320 Video


TX2K is an annual event that is currently held at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, a city that resides in both Harris and Chambers Counties. The massive event draws in racers for hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Like other events of its ilk, TX2K provides enthusiasts with a safe outlet where they can go W.O.T. (wide open throttle) without worrying about something or someone getting in between them and the finish line. The latest iteration of the event was held this past weekend from the 15th through the 18th of March. It’s also the same weekend that law enforcement in the area decided to launch an operation which netted at least 42 arrests of people participating in illegal street racing activities of various degrees.


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Joshua Hopson for TX2K and 1320 Video


Now, this isn’t an article defending anyone that found themselves in trouble. If you got roped, you know what you were doing. It comes with the territory. The larger issue with this is the connotation some choose to pin to the entire culture. Prosecutors involved with the cases claim; “the TX2K drag racing at Royal Purple Raceway brings in an unsavory crowd into our area…” This is what we call throwing the baby out with the bath water. Instead of praising TX2K for attempting to provide an option, they are demonized and accused of creating the problem.


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Joshua Hopson for TX2K and 1320 Video


In the Channel 13 report that broke this story, it’s said that the event attracts participants from “as far as Ohio”. Something I do not doubt. But to say TX2K “brings in an unsavory crowd into our area” infers that this crowd doesn’t exist year-round (I’m not calling our kind “unsavory”, chill). Let’s be honest, even if a track was open every day and every night of the week, there would still be some form of racing happening in our streets. It’s an activity that’s been around since people began using engines instead of horses to get around. Despite what doomsday screeching, Fast and Furious watching, news anchors would have you believe, it’s not some kind of new fad that started in the early 2000’s.


This is the official response from Peter of TX2K Enterprises:

Royal Purple Raceway and TX2K have always been committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment [for] racers and fans alike. TX2K is a track-focused event that gives racers a chance to race one another at the most premier race track in the country. Neither the track nor the event condone street racing and plan to continue to offer a street car event in the [safest] place possible…the race track.


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Zachery Muddiman for TX2K and 1320 Video


Problem is; tracks are disappearing around the country. Most drag strips are built miles away from residential areas. Even then, they have strict ordinances placed on them in terms of what hours and days they can be in operation. More often than not, what gets tracks shut down isn’t the street racing that happens around the area, as we saw in Texas this past weekend, but the noise it creates for nearby residents… which is the reason they are built so far into the sticks, to begin with. This problem only presents itself once developers start to buy up land near these establishments, and then build multi-million-dollar homes for people with deep pockets that have the resources to apply pressure to officials to have the nearby noise machine closed for what they eventually cite as, “safety reasons” (yeah… right).


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Cody Carey for TX2K and 1320 Video


Allowing words such as unsavory to be associated with racers and legitimate, structured, events like TX2K, damage the entire culture and makes it easier for lawmakers to take away the very tools that help prevent what they claim to be fighting. While there were 2 deaths attributed to street racing in 2016 (unrelated to TX2K), there has never been a death on the streets during a TX2K event. A simple Google search of DUI deaths in the same area and you’ll wonder why lawmakers are not more concerned about that statistic.


Photo: Harris County Precinct 8 Constable's Office

Photo: Harris County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office


In fact, in 2015 Harris County ranked among the highest in the state for substance-related deaths while driving (149). This is not to diminish someone losing a loved one to street racing, but it puts in perspective what this is truly about; quite frankly, it’s about noise, not public safety. Which leads one to wonder why officials don’t just partner with TX2K and present a united front instead of threatening to shut it down. There’s nothing wrong with shining a light on something that is a legitimate concern, not just in Texas but across the country, but to denigrate something that is actually helping to stem the tide is short-sighted and ultimately, irresponsible.


Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Photo taken by Cody Carey for TX2K and 1320 Video

Street Racing Illustrated would like to thank TX2k for sharing their thoughts with us and 1320 Video and all their gifted contributors.

Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS 2.10.18 “Grudge Night”

SRMS Grudge in West Palm Beach Florida.

Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt


Nothing like perfect weather to drive a great night of grudge racing. Despite an unfortunate setback with a Mustang spilling its guts halfway down the track, creating an hour and a half long “wait and see” situation, we were treated to a plethora exciting races from some of South Florida’s fastest cars. Atop of a night where we saw local tuning guru, Javi Bastista of “Javituned”, and his wicked fast, turbocharged RSX move from the 7th position to the 3rd in a single night on the 40mph roll list, Daniel “Frustrate” Rodriguez debuted his AWD set-up on his K-powered EG hatch (also tuned by Javi). Javi was able to defeat Frustrate in the tuner vs builder clash, but time will tell if he’ll be able to hold on as I suspect Frustrate is only going to get faster as he gets used to his new set-up. Due to the aforementioned Mustang evacuation, the Dig list wasn’t able to pop off, however, those that stuck around while the track got cleaned up got to see Frustrate take on Dig-King, Eddie Miller, in his 73’ Plymouth Duster with a pro-tree. Frustrate was able to pull out a victory as Eddie let off the throttle quarter of the way down the track giving up at least a car length’s lead and ultimately the race. If you missed it, I wouldn’t worry. They’ll do it again, soon.


SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | BD Performance GT-R

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Daniel “Frustrate” Rodriguez and his AWD K-series EG

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Dentpros 911 staging up with a Camero

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Javi and his RSX and Carta Performances’ Foxbody Mustang

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Javituned’s own creation

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night”

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night”

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Eddie Miller and his 73′ Duster getting ready to run Frustrate’s AWD EG

SRMS Grudge Night

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Frustrate and his family back in the pits after his win over Eddie Miller

Street Racing Illustrated | Wekfest Florida 2017

Wekfest Florida 2017

Event coverage from the Wekfest show hosted in West Palm Beach

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt


If you’ve ever been to a Wekfest car show, you know it’s just that. A car show. Not a 2 – step competition, B-boy contest, freestyle rap battle or a “fashion show” (which inevitably involves bottles of water. Cold bottles of water). It’s an event that puts the cars at the center of attention at every step of the way. It’s become a yearend show in South Florida that brings in cars from all over the state, and from each subculture within the hobby. Enthusiasts break themselves for days in preparation and it shows as each vehicle on the floor is lovingly and meticulously detailed until the convention center’s LED lighting fixtures blindingly glisten off fresh paint and the well-oiled surfaces of low-profile tires. This year’s offering wasn’t anything less than awe-inspiring as the room was crammed wall-to-wall with some of Florida’s (and beyond) best.


Toyota Supra

Ultimate Performance EG Hatch

Wekfest merch table and DJ


Nissan Z

Disruptive RX-7


Old School

Skyline GTR


Nissan Silvia S14

DC2 Integra

Lexus IS300

Lexus Row

Aisha’s 97 Hatch

Blob-eye STI

Street Racing Illustrated | Drive By – Reyana Lobban

DRIVE-BY – Reyana Lobban

A chat with Rey on life, racing, and her DC2 Integra

Interviewer | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Rafael Gabaldon


1997 LS Acura Integra


Name: Reyana Lobban

Car: 1997 LS Acura Integra

Nationality: Jamaican American

City of Residence: Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Age: Finally 16 lol

Engine Mods: B20Vtec (B16 head, B20B block), B16 Transmission, Type R Cams, Blox Intake Manifold, Mugen Headers, Forza Exhaust, AEM Fuel Rail, 40 shot of Nitrous

Suspension: Function and Form Type 2
Wheels, Tires: USDM Integra Type R wheels with Falken Ziex ze950 tires


Street Racing Illustrated: When did you get into cars?

Rey: I’ve been around cars my whole life being that my dad was a mechanic and is a car enthusiast but I wouldn’t say I was always like this lol. I’d go to the race track with my dad all the time but it wasn’t until we went one evening and I saw a Supra on the way back home. It was the first time I’d ever actually paid attention to a car like that, I was about 9 or 10. I’ll never forget the sound of the car, hearing the blow-off valve oh my gosh, and the cleanliness of it. From then on, I knew what I wanted to do.


SRI: How long have you had your Integra?

Rey: The Integra and I have been through a lot. Back in 2014, I got my first car; a white GSR in which I had the B20V originally. Then I sold the GSR shell and decided to start over, so I got a Red LS Integra with a Jap front so I could go LSVtec. However, In the end, I just decided to put on the Type R wheels, Brakes, Valences, Side Skirts, put in some Sparco seats that were given to me as a gift, drop the B20 back in it and call it a day lol. To put it shortly, a very long 3 years.


1997 LS Acura Integra


SRI: What’s your favorite upgrade you’ve done to it thus far?

Rey: Honestly the favorite upgrade I have done to the car, is putting it on Nitrous lol. It’s like Vtec x2!


SRI: Outside of cars, got any hobbies?

Rey: When I’m not working on my Teggy or at the shop, I enjoy doing things other girls do pretty much lol. I like having sleepovers, doing my nails, shopping in expensive stores, etc. I also enjoy reading and competing in medical competitions.


SRI: If you didn’t have your Integra, you’d be driving a…?

Rey: This is honestly my favorite question because everyone always assumes I’ve been about Hondas since the beginning lol! If I did not have my Integra, I would definitely be driving an all-black 1998 S14 240sx with a 2JZ.


1997 LS Acura Integra


SRI: Track or show?

Rey: Track. I’ve got the need for speed.


SRI: Describe the feeling of your first race at PBIR.

Rey: My first race at PBIR was definitely nerve wrecking. I raced a Yaris… and I missed 3rd gear and lost! LOL, I cried when I got back to the stands. But then I realized that I’m not going to always win and I got over it.


SRI: Day meet or night meet?

Rey: Being that I’m still under my parent’s supervision, no night meets for me, haha. But I like day meets, that way I can actually see the cars. Artificial light does no justice.


1997 LS Acura Integra


SRI: How important is your date’s car?

Rey: As long as it’s clean and low, I’m good with it.


SRI: What would be your last meal?

Rey: Fried Chicken and gravy from Barbican Square. It’s all I ever want.


SRI: Who is the biggest influence in your life, right now?

Rey: Roger Lobban, my dad, my old man, the real papa bear lol. I would be nothing that I am today without the guidance of him. I wouldn’t even have the amazing opportunity of answering these questions with you guys.


1997 LS Acura Integra


SRI: You get one superpower, what is it?

Rey: To remember everything I read, I’d pass my exams with flying colors.


SRI: Favorite TV show?

Rey: Adventure Time


SRI: One thing you couldn’t live without is…?

Rey: My Cell Phone. I go crazy even when it’s only dead.


1997 LS Acura Integra


SRI: Favorite cruising song?

Rey: Fake Love- Drake


SRI: Last movie you watched?

Rey: I watched “Sing” with my best friend.


Don’t get too comfortable with this set-up. Rey and her pops have something cooking on the horizon. Expect her Teggy to be a whole new animal the next time you see it at the track! Big thanks to Rey for making time with us.

Instagram: @blahkmexican